Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Social Post of the Week #1

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are having a great weekend!! Here's a new blog hop I'm participating in that's simply fun :) It's called Sunday Social. Easy to link up if you're interested :) just click the picture below ~Tia

Sunday Social

1. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a veternarian or a cardiologist (my grandma is a nurse practitioner who specializes in cardiology, so that's where I got my inspiration). Even as a child, I had dreams about having "DR." before my first name :)

 2. What was your favorite way to kill time as a kid?
I had a big imagination as a kid. Before my sister was born, I loved playing with my ninja turtles figures with my barbies (I was a good mix of tomboy and girlie girl, I think). I also loved playing video games. Once my sister was born, I loved hanging out with her. (still do!)

 3. When did you get your first cell phone? 
I got it for my 18th birthday in November 2001. I was commuting to college and would have to stop by the nearest payphone on my way home to let my parents know I was on my way home. My parents didn't like the fact that I had to rely on 25 cents to communicate home easily, so I got a simple cell phone and have had the same # ever since :).

4. What is your favorite magazine to read? 
I really like Oprah's magazine and In Style. They are both really great to bring on my commute to NYC for work and school. Usually gives me a few train rides' worth of reading (which is a big bang for my buck! Makes the ride go so much quicker)

5. What is the one random object people would be surprised to find in your purse? 
An expired Epi-Pen. I have it because I had a bad reaction to being stung by a few bees back in 2009 but it expired last year. I really need to get that refilled. I also have a turtle flash drive... it's pretty cool :)

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