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League of Legends Summoner School Review! {POST BY SARA}

League of Legends Summoner School Review
My background knowledge in League of Legends is above average. I’ve only been playing for a year now, but I play almost every night and joined a gaming clan to better myself. Little did I know after months and months of my boyfriend asking me to play, I would finally give in and join the ranks in the most played game in the world.

What is hard about League of Legends (LoL) is that, unlike competitive games like Chess, the game changes drastically with each update. Every new patch, a champion could get weaker, an item might lose its worth, or a new play style will surface. Not to mention, new champions are released periodically which many break awesome 5-man team comps that have worked in the past.

Australian brothers UberGiant, UberGiantsBro, and LittleUberGiant (Platinum and Diamond ranked) have spent hours playing and researching to put together a comprehensive guide on the ever-changing game. They created the Summoner School, which has a 5-day free trial available for anyone interested in trying out their methods before committing as a full-fledged student. They liken it to how a doctor goes to medical school before practicing. One must study and learn before going out into the field--In this case, the fields of justice.
Summoner School consists of four classes: pre-game, in-game, team-game, and post-game. The guides contain lengthy in-depth articles which are supplemented with videos and pictures. For someone who is a visual learner, seeing football-like plays on where to ward and position myself was very helpful. I would’ve enjoyed gameplay pictures for every section but copyright prohibited it. Aside from articles, there's a helpful glossary full of jargon for players new and old. I still catch myself not knowing lingo.

This is one of the images used in the Summoner School to show where to ward when your team decides to split push during the game.
What people don’t realize is that one of the most important parts of playing this game is to work well with your team. It sounds easy, but when you queue up with randoms and don’t have the ability to use Ventrilo or Skype, you have a higher chance of messing up due to miscommunication. Sometimes you get put on a team where people claim they don’t know a role or they build items not suitable for their champion. Aside from skill, this is all about team work and patience.

“Be able to play all roles in solo queue. It’s frustrating not having people who are flexible. By getting good at all roles, you become a better player by knowing what your teammates can best do and what your enemy is trying to do. This helps you counter your enemy.” – Summoner School

The Summoner School taught me my biggest issues with each lane. As a support, I never warded correctly. As an ADC, I wouldn’t be able to last hit every minion. As mid, I was reluctant to push the lain correctly for fear of being ganked from so many sides. And so on. Taking these classes opened up my weaknesses to me and showed me what I need to work on. Watching pros (especially now that the LCS for Season 3 is happening) will be my biggest learning lesson.
What was great about the Summoner’s classes was that the wording was very casual and friendly. I felt as if one of my friends explained these tips to me.  I feel that it will also serve as a basis for me to coach my team members during a game.
No matter what your intention is by playing LoL, what you put into it is what you get. Whether you only play against A.I.’s or aspire to get to Gold just to get that new skin from Riot, you could learn from studying LoL in an academic way.
“In all areas of life, the successful do their craft differently to a ‘normal person.’ Take for example a world-class musician. He practices at least 4 hours every day while your local trumpet player gets one lesson a week and plays no more than 5 hours a week. And then there are others who talk about wanting to learn an instrument yet do nothing about it.” – Summoner School

Before this, I didn’t know if I would be comfortable enough to play in ranked. But now I think I’m ready to play my preliminary matches now.

Find me on the NA server as: EagleSystem and sign up here for your own free 5 day trial!

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