Friday, July 26, 2013

Convincing your Baby to Come Into the World (Inducing Labor Naturally)

Good afternoon all!

Hope everyone had a great week thus far. The heat wave finally broke and the temperatures are absolutely gorgeous right now! I am heavily considering taking Valentina on a long walk on the Hudson Valley Rail Trail point by our house. It's really perfect for it!

I just got done chatting with a girlfriend of mine who is almost a week overdue with her first baby, a baby boy who seems very content with being in the womb! It made me think of when I was super pregnant and wanting my baby out of my belly! My daughter was actually due May 26th but I didn't start going into labor until May 28th and after 22 drug-free hours of labor, I gave birth on May 29th! The week before my due date, however, was such a crazy whirlwind! I spent most of it looking into ways to naturally induce labor.

My last picture being pregnant (5/28). I had just been admitted to the hospital and was walking around to try to help progress it along. Even though it was only 2 months ago, it's really hard to remember being that big!

My mother's Dodge Durango takes bumps really hard, so I tried to take a ride in that car whenever I could the week before I was due. I had sciatica problems when I was pregnant though, (from a common but widely unknown condition called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) so going over bumps too hard was often more pain then it was worth. Oh well!

I then tried to walk as much as I could. I look back fondly now at me walking around Shop Rite (a northeast grocery store chain) with my father trying my best to get "crampy"! My dad and I are coupon fanatics, and he had one in particular he got that needed manager approval. This took a while, and the cashier looked at me and asked if I was okay, since I was shuffling around a lot. I said to her, "I've been pretty crampy for the last 15 minutes and my due date is tomorrow so I'm not sure if I'm in labor or not!" Well, I didn't officially go into labor for 3 more days, but it did help push the transaction through a little quicker :).

Then I tried the old wives' tale of eating spicy food. I was a huge fan of spicy food before my pregnancy, but my tastes had become hyper sensitive to it throughout my pregnancy so I hadn't indulged in it too much. The Hubs and I went to a local Indian restaurant called Cinnamon Indian Bistro and enjoyed what was to be our last "official" date. I had Calamari that was to die for (it was cooked so tender with Indian spices, I still daydream about it!) and then I had Navarthan Korma for dinner. It's a vegetable sweet curry made with coconut milk and cashews, among other things. It's always been a favorite of mine in all of the indian restaurants I've eaten in. Our waitress, who also happened to be the co-owner of the place, told me that she had received many "thank you" notes from pregnant women who went into labor after eating their food! I ate here the Friday before I went into labor and labor began early Tuesday, so who knows! Maybe it did have something to do with it :)
Great - now I'm hungry!
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At the advice of and under the guidance of my midwives, I began a regimen of 3 Evening Primrose Oil capsules daily and a small pitcher's worth of Red Raspberry Leaf tea a day.  I started this a week before my actual due date, and from my Monday visit to my Friday visit that week, I had dilated from 1cm to 2cm and had progressed from ~25% effaced to ~50% effaced. I'm not sure if it had any effect, and there's no way to tell. But I have heard a lot of mamas use these techniques before too, so who knows!

Whether it was one of these methods or a combination of them all, I did end up going into labor naturally on my own. As I mentioned earlier, my 22 hour labor was entirely drug-free as well, but that's a post for another time :).

For now, I want to know - did you go into labor naturally? Did you try any of these methods to try to induce labor naturally or did you try something else I didn't mention? Let me know! I'll pass on your advice to my overdue friend :)



  1. With my first I actually started at 33 weeks and they tried to hold it off. That was the longest 6 1/2 days of my life!

    With my daughter I had to be induced at almost 36 weeks due to issues with my placenta.

    My third is due in a few short weeks so I am very anxious to see how this one goes :) I hope your friends labor goes very smoothly.

    1. Wow, how exciting that your third is on the way soon! I wish you all of the best :)

  2. When I was pregnant, I was worried about the labor stage. I was supposed to be induced because the doctor found out that my amniotic fluid is getting lesser. But the induction was not continued because I was afraid of it. So, we went back home after one night in the hospital. The next morning, I was already bleeding and my labor started. It was a good thing that I did not continue with the induction. Labor pains are bearable and after seeing your baby, you will surely feel relieved and you will say that all the pain was worth it! Like what they said, your baby won't build a house inside you and they'll eventually get out!lol. We just have to wait for that time to come. Godbless with your pregnancy.

    1. I have heard it is so hard to be induced. A friend of mine had to be induced and she was in labor for almost 2 days. It was very hard for her - and I was afraid of being induced too!

      My labor was quite painful but it was very bearable... I was very happy at the end of it to have a very wide awake, alert daughter. :)

    2. Oh. I overlooked the part that you have given birth already!lol. I also had 22 hours labor and gave birth naturally. It is indeed a wonderful feeling to see our babies after some hours of pain. :D

    3. Wow that is crazy that we had the same duration of labor and both gave birth naturally! was all worth it in the end. She was so alert and I really think it was because I was drug free!!

  3. Congrats on a natural child birth!

    1. Thank you! It almost didn't happen because I stalled out at 5 cm dilated for a while, but thankfully it did. I was prepared for anything, though, if her health condition deteriorated!